Improve Your Vision

Your Inner Guide to Clearer Vision"Our physical eyes are the organs of outer perception, but they also relate to our inner perceptions. Eyesight is not just a physical process involving acuity; it is a multi-dimensional function affecting and affected by our emotional and mental state of Being. Eyesight is also linked to personality and each type of vision impairment correlates with a specific personality type."Martin Brofman, PhD.Thousands have found improved vision through the Brofman method as explained in Improve Your Vision - Your Inner Guide to Clearer Vision. But this isn't just a book about eyesight; it is also a book about insight into who you really are and how you can lead a happier more fulfilled life by being true to yourself. Martin Brofman provides a practical program for anyone seeking clarity on all levels. He explores the character traits shared by people with similar eyesight issues and offers sound practical advice and exercises for anyone interested in seeing more clearly. Discover how to tackle the stress that creates impaired vision while also unlocking your own personal potential.

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