Kingsdun Eyeglasses Repair Kit with Eyeglass Sunglass Screws in Assorted Size,Stainless Steel Tiny Mini Screws for Glasses,Spectacles,Watch and other Small Electronics Repair,1000Pcs

Kingsdun Eyeglasses Screws Kit with Mini Phillips Flathead Screwdriver & Tweezer for Eyeglass,Sunglass,Watch and Other Small Devices Repair Important Note: 1)The eyeglass screws are made of austenitic stainless steel which are resistant to rust and not able to be gripped by magnet or magnetic screwdrivers. You can use curved tweezer to pick up the tiny screws. 2)The box cover with label is upside direction,please open the box carefully in case of mixing them up. Product Features: 1)Complete glasses screws kit with assorted size of eyeglass screws,washers and screws caps. 2)Eyeglass repair kit with screws and mini phillips flathead screwdriver. 3)Extra keychain screwdriver included which include phillips and flat tip screwdriver and nut holder. 4)Precision ST-15 tweezer which helps to hold micro screws and accessories Package Include: 1x Eyeglass screws kit (Micro screws,nuts, Flat and T type washers, screws caps) 1x ST-15 tweezer 1x 3in1 Keychain screwdriver 1x Flathead mini screwdriver 1.5mm 1x Phillips mini screwdriver #000/1.5mm Warranty and Service: 45 days money-back & 18-month warranty.If you have any questions about this product, please feel free to email us through Amazon.

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