5 Function Mini Screwdriver 5 Pack – Flathead, Phillips – Small, Medium, Large Bolt Holders – Fix Glasses, Change Watch, Laptop and Toy Batteries – Plus Keychain – by Optix 55

Sometimes the hardest things to fix are the smallest. Finding the exact tool you need to remove those tiny screws in the back of your watch or adjust bolts on objects can be a pain. Optix 55 knows your pain and understands the frustration that comes with having to fiddle through your toolbox to get the right device to a quick repair. That's why we're bringing you with our Five Function Mini Screwdriver! A nifty little device to fix all your small problems in a big way!PRODUCT FEATURES Adjustable Multifunctional Handheld Tool Flathead Screwdriver Phillips-Head Screwdriver Small, Medium, Large Bolt Holder Textured Design for Firm Grip Pack of 5 Multicolor: Yellow, Blue, Purple, Red, and Silver Keychain RingTINY TOOL, FASTER FIXESBigger isn't always better. While useful, larger tools can't get every job done. That's when our Mini Screwdriver comes to the rescue! Easily take care of smaller repairs on your watch, glasses, smartphone, laptop, tablet, video game consoles, controllers, and more! It's two sided with removable parts so you can easily switch between functions. The comfortable textured design will feel great on your hands so you always do a great job fixing whatever you need. For faster and more efficient repairs, our Mini Screwdrivers will help you get the job done perfectly!EASILY PORTABLENo need to lug around heavy, clunky toolboxes just to do one simple fix! Not only are our Mini Screwdrivers small enough to fit in your pocket, but they come with a convenient keychain ring so you can attach them onto your keys or belt so you can ensure you'll never lose them! You never know what problems you may come across on-the-go, so our Mini Screwdriver will always be there with you to assist in any way possible. With Optix 55 you're getting nothing but great quality! Get our Five Functioning Mini Screwdriver today and turn those little problems into big fixes!

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