Kowellsonic CE-3200 Mini Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaner Kit Daily Care Fast Cleaning New(with Kowellsonic label)–Blue

Traditional contact lens cleaning is to steep the contact lenses into care solution, in which the solution gradually dissolves the protein deposition that covered on the surface of contact lenses. It usually takes 6 to 8 hours to clean completely. This Contact Lens Cleaner (CE-3200) uses Ultrasonic Technology with 46 kHz frequency to clean the substances such as protein deposition, germs and bacteria. The cleaning time can be as fast as 2 minutes so you don't need to have any overnight soaking. Feature: With bactericidal function, directly clean out microbes & bacteria on the contact lenses No need special lenses care solution, direct use physiological saline & purified water Completely wipe out protein deposition, minerals and calcium covered on the surfaces of contact lenses Time-saving, no need for a soak in solution whole night Less touch the lenses in the cleaning to prevent infection Easy operation with 2 minutes normal cleaning (once a day) & 5 minutes bactericidal cleaning (once a week) Small size, portable to carry 100V~ 240 V Universal Voltage Specification: Fast Cleaning Time: 2 minutes Strong Cleaning Time: 5 minutes (Once a week) Ultrasonic Frequency:46kHz Tank Capacity: 4ml Input Voltage: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz Output Voltage/ Current: 12V 1A Ultrasonic power: 7W(max) Unit size: 98*72*48mm (3.86*2.83*1.89inch) Tank size: 38*20*10mm (1.49*0.79*0.39inch) Package weight: 352g (12.4oz) Package includes: 1 * Contact Lens Cleaner 1 * Plug adaptor 1 * Saline Solution Bottle (Empty) 1 * Plastic Tweezers 1 * Lens basket

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