Contact Lens Cleaner, Contact Lens Case, Portable Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaner Kit Daily Care Faster Cleaning Set for Contact Lens (Violet) (2018 New Version)

Portable Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaner, Contact Lens Travel Case, Contact Cleaner Container, Contact Lens Cleaning Kit Features: This ultrasonic contact lens cleaner adopt advanced ultrasonic tech to clean your contact lens, unlike manual cleaning, it saves your time in the morning. and it can used to clean various contact lens, soft or hard material, like RGP contact lens, HCL contact lens, SCL contact lens, orthokeratology contact lens Ultrasonic tech which is an completely physical way, it provides a completely cleaning to your lens. And it is also energy saving but also long life span. The clean tank adopts anti-leaking tech, so you dont need to worry that the water will leak into the machine or damage it. also the cleaning tank is made of anti-rusted stainless steel. So it is anti-rusted and durable for use. Mini sized about 3.62'' *2.44''*1.57'', simply put it to your pocket and carry on the go. Two working timer selection: Fast Cleaning: 3 minutes, Strong Cleaning: 5 minutes (Once a week).We will recommend you to use 3 minutes timer for daily cleaning. And strong cleaning( 5 minute) once a week. Maintenance: 1. Please empty the water in the clean tank when you finished and then use a dry clean cloth to wipe the water inside the tank, and keep it in airy and dry places.So for a long time use and better using experience, please use the item under guidance and dry the cleaning tank especially the joint point each time when you finished the cleaning.

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