LARGE [6 Pack] Clean & Clear Microfiber – ULTRA PREMIUM QUALITY Lens Cleaning Cloths – Camera Lens, Glasses, Screens, and all Lens.

Clean & Clear Microfiber - Our Products Clean & Clear Microfiber is Ultra Premium Quality Microfiber. It is Extremely Soft and Gentle. It is Reusable and Long Lasting. It is Engineered with a Positive Electrostatic Charge to Attract Dusts. It is Thick and Durable. It is Lint-Free and Finished with Durable Zigzag Cut Edge. It was Tested for Harmful Substances According to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 SEVO 100414 - See Our Certificate(Confidence in Textiles). It was Tested for Superior Cleaning Performance from COLTS Laboratories - See Our Test Results Report. Clean & Clear Microfiber - Premium Quality(See Our Customers' Reviews) Our Microfiber is the Highest Quality in the Industry for Lens Cleaning. Even our Microfiber was Strictly Tested for Ultra High Performance. You can Experience a Big Difference Compared to Other Products. Clean & Clear Microfiber Guarantees 100% Satisfaction. NO REGRET! If you have any problems with our products, we will give you a Free Replacement or a Full Refund.

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