Spotless Lens Cleaner – 6 oz Cleaning Spray Bottle | Safe to Clean Coated Lenses and Blue Light Blocker Eyeglasses (Pack of 1)

✅ EXPERIENCE CLEAR VISION: Quickly and easily removes oil, grease, grime, and dirt. Your lenses will stay cleaner longer, you will see better and experience clearer, sharper vision all day long. Imagine how much better your life can be. No more dirty disgusting lenses or screens ✅SAFE ON EVERY LENS: Safe formula to clean all coated lenses such as AR Anti Glare or Anti Reflective, Blue Light and Transition lenses ✅ODOR FREE: Biodegradable solution formula, without unpleasant chemical odors, So you don't have to hold your breath anymore when you clean your lenses ✅CLEAN ALL SURFACES: Perfect to clean eyeglasses, sunglasses, reading eyeglass, computer glasses and safety goggles eyewear, camera lens, lensball, iPhone, iMac, iPad, phone, tablet, Kindle, laptop screen, monitor, smart watch, GPS, TV, car touch screens, Microscope, Telescope, and Binoculars ✅Made in USA CAUTION: Contains Isopropanol. Do not use on contact lenses. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest.

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