MENICON PROGENT Hard Lens Cleaning Solution 7-Pairs

Vial is sold separately / Ingredients: Solution A-Sodium hypochlorite, Solution B-Potassium bromide / Directions: 1. Set clean contact lenses in the contact lens holder, and pour both Solution A and B into the progent vial (sold separately). Please be careful not to spill the solutions when opening, by opening them slowly. 2. Set the contact lens holder onto the progent vial (with the contact lenses in place). Lightly shake the vial 2, 3 times and leave for 30 mins. Please make sure that the vial is closed tightly. 3. Take the contact lens holder out of the vial after 30 mins, and rinse well with water. Please do not take the lenses out of the holder when rinsing, and make sure that the sink is plugged. 4. Take the contact lenses out of the holder, pour cleaning solution and clean the lenses by rubbing them with the balls of your 3 fingers. Rinse the lenses with the holder thoroughly with water.

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