Microfiber Pouch – Soft Storage Bag(s) for Glasses and Cell Phones (Black&Gray 4″ x 7.75″)

2x Soft Abrasive-FREE Microfiber Storage & Cleaning Pouches for Eyeglasses, Cell Phones & Gadgets. These pouches are made of an extremely soft and gentle optical grade microfiber fabric which is thick (230 GSM) and brushed on both sides for enhanced softness and cleaning properties. You can use them as cleaning pouches to clean eyeglasses, cell phones and gadgets. They perform as good as top brand cleaning cloths. ✔ Fits Perfectly Inside ALL Eyeglass & Sunglass Cases Put your glasses in the pouch and then put them in your eyeglass case. No need to carry cleaning cloths anymore! Clean your glasses inside the pouch before you take them out. ✔ Most Eyeglass & Sunglass Cases Fit Inside These Pouches Protect your expensive eyeglass case by keeping it inside a pouch. You won't be getting scratches on the delicate leather while keeping the case in your bag along with keys and other sharp objects. ✔ Fits ALL Smart Phones & Mobile Cell Phones Protect your expensive smartphone from scratches by keeping it inside a pouch. The pouch also acts as a cleaning cloth and can be used to clean your phone. In fact, The best way of cleaning your phone is to clean it inside the pouch. ✔ Works as Microfiber Cleaning Cloth but Way More Convenient Just put your glasses or phone in the pouch and rub with hands. When you take them out they will be sparkling clean! Specification: Size: 8" x 11"Packaging: 6 PackColor: Black & Dark Grey Package contains 3 Black and 3 Dark Grey Pouches

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