Mynt Eye Energizer with Touch Activated Silicone-Tipped Massager – Revitalize Eyes and Boost Beauty Routines: Combat Eye Bags, Smooth Crow’s Feet, etc. – Handheld, Light & Portable, 70 mins Battery

Eye Energizer Soothe, Refresh, and Regenerize Tired Eyes Hello Mynt - Refreshment, Evolved. Engineered with Leading Technology Smarter Design, for Smarter Living Innovative Eye Treatment Our eyes are an indicator of overall health, and go through daily strain. Eye Energizer is designed by industry experts, utilizing cutting-edge thermo and massage technology to help refresh and regenerate. Multiple-Modes 3 modes deliver tailored treatment, heating and cooling rapidly. A full cycle (approx. 10 mins total) is ideal as part of your daily routine. Place on one eye, and swap after the beep for therapy that's perfectly timed:Refresh: Cools to 64°F / 18°C. 60 seconds per-eye. Relieve: Heats to 104°F / 40°C. 120 seconds per-eye. Renew: Rotates between hot and cold, use for 60 seconds per temperature, per eye.Massage Therapy Mynt and massage are synonymous - turn Eye Energizer around and receive a gentle sonic-vibration massage, oscillating up to 4500 times per minute. FDA approved, silicone massage tips are kind to skin - apply pressure to start, and release to stop. Boost Your Beauty Regime Eye Energizer is a game changer and a new necessity in your beauty routine. Refresh: Helps reduce eye swelling and puffiness- also boosting skin elasticity. Relieve: Helps skin absorb moisturisers, and triggers collagen regeneration.Renew: Helps improves blood circulation, and battles under-eye bags.Massage: Helps skin naturally exfoliate, brightening the appearance of eyes. Perfect PortabilityEye Energizer is easy-grip, ultra-light (0.35 lb / 0.16kg), and comes with a dust-proof carry bag for safe transport. USB power means you can charge up in 2.5 hours and use for a week (10 mins * 7) on a single charge. Use practically anywhere, anytime, with noiseless operation.

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