Niome Portable Contact Lens Inserter Case Box for Hard/RGP and Soft Remover Stick Set Blue

Features:Approx. 3cm longThe Solid Inserter can both be used with soft lenses and hard lenses.Check out these handy Inserter Removers for hard / rgp and soft contact lenses.These are fantastic little things that can be a real help when wearing your contact lenses.These are easy to use.Simply rest the lens on the end of the inserter and insert the lens into your eye.When you are ready to remove your lenses, simply place the inserter on the lens and the lens will stick to the device, thus making it so much easier to remove your lenses and at the same time removing finger contact with your lenses.These are the Solid style, making lens inserting and removing so much easier.Package Included:Contact Lens Inserter(1pcs/pack )NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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