Oakley Large Metal Vault Sunglass Case

Durably strong yet lightweight, the Large Metal Vault helps protect a wide range of frames. They include belong, behave, betray, big square wire, bottlecap, crosshair, crosshair S, disobey, enduring, eternal, eye jacket, eye jacket 2.0, eye jacket 3.0, eyepatch, fatcat, felon, fives, fives 2.0, fives 3.0, flack jacket, frogskins, gascan, gascan S, grapevine, half jacket, half wire 2.0, Hijinx, hatchet, inmate, magnesium switch, minute, minute 2.0, montefrio, monster dog, monster doggle, monster pup, nanowire 1.0, nanowire 2.0, nanowire 3.0, oakley canteen, oakley dart, oakley ravishing, oil drum, oil rig, O rokr pro, penny, plate, pocket, radar, razor blades, script, speechless, spike, splice, straight jacket, thump pro, twitch, unknown, valve, warden, why 8.0, why 8.1, why 8.2, XS fives, XX, zero 0.4, zero 0.4 squared, zero 0.4 squared small, zero 0.7, zero L, zero and zero S. Eyewear sold separately.

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