Opti-Free Replenish Travel Pack, Includes Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution, Rewetting Drops and Lens Case

The Opti-Free Replenish Travel Pack includes Opti-Free Replenish Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution (4-Ounces), Opti-Free Replenish Rewetting Drops (5-mL) and a lens case. Opti-Free Replenish Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution is a powerful contact lens solution that is designed for optimal daily cleaning. Opti-Free Replenish solution features top-notch cleaning and disinfecting power, and provides long lasting moisture and comfort for all day use. The exclusive 2D formula containing Polyquad and Aldox helps disinfect and wash away microorganisms that could result in eye infections and irritation. The TearGlyde reconditioning system that works with tears to help create a barrier of comfortable moisture and constant comfort. The TearGlyde reconditioning system applies itself to the lens allowing a thin layer of moisture from the patient’s natural tears to remain on the lens, allowing for a continuous shield of moisture to form between the lens and the eye. Opti-Free Replenish Rewetting Drops are an efficient and effective solution for providing constant moisture for soft lenses, fluorosilicone acrylate lenses, and silicone acrylate gas permeable contact lenses. The rewetting drops are a safe way to prevent protein buildups on frequently used lenses. Also, Opti-Free Replenish Rewetting Drops are made up of a formula that is considered thimerosal-free and sorbic acid-free. Patients should use this formula to moisten lenses and reduce discomfort that comes with wearing contacts throughout the day. The rewetting drops will also help to remove particular materials that may cause eye irritation and discomfort. Using these drops daily will help prevent the buildup of protein deposits on soft lenses that are used daily. The rewetting drops differ from many other Opti-Free solutions because they can be applied directly to the patient’s eye for immediate moisture and relief, where the multi-purpose solutions are to be used strictly to soak the lens by itself.

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