Oxysept Disinfecting Solution/Neutralizer-12 oz, 2 pack

Finest Care for Lens Oxysept Disinfecting Solution/Neutralizer is made for wearers of soft contact lenses so that they are never in discomfort. It has all the essential ingredients to keep your eyes in the best state of health. This product has a matchless tablet system that provides better cleaning. The disinfectant properties of this solution keep your eyes protected from harmful bacteria and the neutralized solution is free of preservatives, making it ideal for people with sensitive eyes. Matchless tablet system Hydrates Safeguards your eyes Use this disinfecting solution/neutralizer to keep eyes healthy and protected from harmful bacteria. The built in lubricant seals in moisture and kills greater than 99% of Acanthamoeba and Fusarium. Just For You: Soft contact lens, Ideal for sensitive eyes A Closer Look: Oxysept Disinfecting Solution/Neutralizer has an exclusive peroxide formula that leaves your eyes hydrated. It also has unique ingredients that safeguard your eyes against wide-ranging microorganisms. Get Started: Read the instruction set and the warnings before use.

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