Peacegoods Aromatherapy Eye Pillow – Bundle of (6) – 4.5 x 9 – Organic Lavender Chamomile Flax Cotton – Removable Cover Washable – green black pink purple bird butterfly flowers leaves

(1) Bundle of six eye pillows. Give yourself or someone you love the gift of total relaxation. Sinus pain, stress, eye fatigue are all good reasons for a little natural assistance to help you to relax or fall asleep. Use during meditation and yoga...or schedule a well-deserved Spa at Home day to yourself. Recommended for children who have ADHD, reduces stress and develops a self-soothing bedtime routine (with or without Mom and Dad). Eye Pillows are recommended sleep aids and helps relieve headaches. Feel free to place in the refrigerator for a little extra assistance. If you carry stress in your neck or shoulders - warm up a few seconds and place on the back of your neck.Our Covers are made .5" larger than the filled Case to accommodate shrinkage in the laundering process - this ensures a "struggle-free" pillow insertion. * We reserve the right to make style substitutions based on availability (no more than 3 out of 6).Discover other great products manufactured by Hunki Dori on Amazon: LOVEwraps - neck & shoulder wraps NOTE: Please be aware of counterfeit eye pillows listed that are being sold. We are the exclusive manufacturer and seller of our products on Amazon. If you notice a seller representing our product styles as their own, please email us or Amazon to report the violation. Our products have the Peacegoods label & packaging. We use only the highest quality fabrics and fill. View our store information and Return Policy (under FAQ):

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