Peacegoods Cotton Eye Pillow COVER 4.5 x 9 Washable – fits our eye pillows or yours – flowers pink red

Cotton 4.5 x 9 washable pillow COVER with envelope closure. Designed to be used with Muslin Case w/herbal fill (sold separately). Washable. Please check out our Scented and Unscented Eye Pillows listed on Amazon. The Covers in this listing fit over our Peacegoods eye pillows (4 x 8.5).NOTE: Please be aware of counterfeit eye pillows listed that are being sold. We are the exclusive manufacturer and seller of our products on Amazon. If you notice a seller representing our product styles as their own, please email us or Amazon to report the violation. Our products have the Peacegoods label & packaging. We use only the highest quality fabrics and fill. View our store information and Return Policy (under FAQ):

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