PMU Eye Gel Ice Pack for Eyeliner Tattoo, Eye Surgery, Puffy Eyes, Dry Eyes, and Cooling or Warming Eyes and Face

✔  Flexible, reusable, non-toxic, cruelty-free, BPA-free,safe on skin, durable. ✔  Place in fridge to cool down eyes after surgery,tattooing, puffiness, after facial treatments, headache, migraine, allergies,hay fever, nose bleeds, sinus pressure, toothache, wisdom teeth extraction,injection pain. May be used cooled or warmed. Do not freeze or boil. ✔  Perfect for permanent makeup tattoo artists who do eyeliner or lip tattooing! Place over one eye as you work on the other. Place over swollen lips after tattoo.✔  Quality created and tested by professionals for professionals.Place Your Order With Confidence!We back our permanent makeup supplies with 90-Day Full Refund Policy, making your experience Risk-Free!To us, YOUR 100% satisfaction is top notch!So, Don't Hold Back!Click Add To Cart NOW, As Supplies Won't Last Forever!P.S. Our customers have found a variety of uses for our PMU Eye Ice packs. Try our ice patches with/for:Tooth pain relief, ice pack for wisdom teeth, cold sore, first aid cold compress, gel nursing pad for breastfeeding, boo boo ice pack, dry eye moist heat compresses, stye treatment, heated eye mask, hand warmer, hot pads for pain, microwavable hot packs, ice pack for kid injuries, minor injuries,sore nipples, sunburn injury, blood circulation, swelling after injury,toothaches, elbow joint strain. 

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