Prospek – Glasses Lens Cleaning Spray – 2 Ounce

For Crystal Clear Eyeglasses All Day, Every Day If you hate smudges and misting on your specs and you want a quick and easy way to keep them brilliantly clean all day long, you'll love the Prospek Lens Cleaning Spray. Powerful Cleaning Spray in 2oz Bottle Our specially-formulated cleaning solution is designed to provide maximum cleaning power without damaging your glasses. There's no residue and no streaking, just perfectly clear glasses that won't get in the way of your reading, driving, and other daily activities. Easy Cleaning Every Time Next time your glasses need a clean, just whip out your bottle of Prospek glasses cleaning formula, give your lenses a quick spray, and wipe clean with a microfiber cloth-easy! Delicate on Protective Coatings At Spektrum, our glasses and sunglasses provide protection from blue light and help you drive safely at night. Our unique cleaning solution has been specially formulated to clean all of our glasses without affecting the protective coating. Works Perfectly on Other Screens The powerful cleaning ability of our formula combined with its protective properties means it's perfect for a wide range of other screens and devices. Use it on: Computers, laptops, LCD screens, tablets, smartphones, cameras, DSLRs, iPhones, iPads, binoculars, TVs, and more! The Perfect Everyday Lens Cleaner Don't put up with dirty glasses or residue that affect your reading or driving. Choose the Prospek Lens Cleaning Spray for cleaner specs every time. Click ADD TO BASKET and discover the cleaning power of Prospek Lens Cleaning Spray!

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