Smartclean-S Vison.5 Household Ultrasonic cleaner Slim Compact Eyewear cleaning Smoke

A smart and compact shape that was not found in domestic ultrasonic washing machines so far Since it is lighter than conventional products, the power adapter can be removed so drainage after washing can be done easily. Since the removed power adapter has a size to fit in the cleaning tank, it does not take up space even when it is stored. Horizontal long type suitable for eyeglass cleaning and large eyeglasses of 60 size or more can also be put with plenty. ※ The deep frame of the curve such as sports sunglasses may be hard to enter as a whole. ※ Specifications and appearance · Design may be changed without notice for improvement / improvement of products. Plug shape:A Rated voltage:DC12V AC adapter:AC100V~240V Rated frequency:50/60Hz power consumption:15W [Youtube] 簡単メガネ洗浄!超音波洗浄機の使い方 - How to wash glasses using an ultrasonic cleaner - 動画URL

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