Reading Glasses – Blue Light Blocking – Round Women Men (Black, 0.00)

Stare at the computer or smartphone all day? 30% of Millenials and Adults spend 9 hours a day staring at digital devices like computer, phone and TV screens. Side-effects from our digital lives include trouble sleeping, eye strain, blurred vision, dry eyes, shoulder and neck stiffness, and age-related macular degeneration. EyeYee blue light blocking glasses have FDA certified lenses that block up to 99.9% of high energy blue light and harmful wavelengths. And includes: UV Light Blocking, Anti-Scratch, Anti-Reflective, Anti-Screen Flicker, Anti-Glare, Blue Light Reduction, Anti-oil, and Anti-electromagtic wave. The frames are made from the most advanced technology in TR-90 plastic, which makes them extremely durable. They are flexible and can bend to the contours of your face, or comfortable enough to lay on your side with a pillow. Also included is a stylish, virtually undestructable hard case and high-quality microfiber cleaning cloth.

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