SAFISA Under Eye Patches | aloe vera gel under eye pads 10 pairs | under eye bags treatment, eye mask for puffy eyes, dark circles under eye treatment | anti-aging collagen eye mask | for women & men

The morning after a long night, reach for these cooling eye patches made with powerhouse ingredients as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and collagen Aloe Vera Under Eye Pads by SAFISA are specifically designed to provide intensive hydration and visibly refreshed delicate skin around eyes Why you need them? Effects: ✔️ hydration and nourishment ✔️ elasticity and soothing effect ✔️ collagen production ✔️ deep penetration and immediate result What is it? Aloe Vera Under Eye Patches by SAFISA are ideal for all skin types because them contain effective natural ingredients such as: ☘️ Aloe Vera extract aids the skin cells to maintain its moisture. ☘️ Hyaluronic Acid improves a color around eyes and reduce puffiness ☘️ Amino Acids help maintain skin's texture and healthy appearance ☘️ Collagen restore the skin around eyes How does it work? ✔️ Ultra-lightweight gel texture instantly penetrates the pores and nourishes the skin from inside ✔️ Enriched with active vitamins, all-in-one hydrogel eye mask tackles signs of fatigue, puffiness and dark circles around the eyes ❤️This product contains 10 pairs of individually packed under eye masks Satisfaction Guarantee. Cruelty Free. Gluten Free. BPA Free. Vegan Friendly So, why think twice? 🛒Click ADD TO CART NOW and enjoy your young and healthy skin

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