Scented Eye Pillows – Pack of (4) – Soft Cotton 4 x 8.5 – Organic Lavender Flax Seed – hand block print India – leaf blue yellow pink green

NEW! Spring 2019 - now made with 8.5 oz of fill - a bit heavier makes a big difference. (1) Bundle of four eye pillows. Each sold individually on Amazon - bundle discount applied. Headache pain, sinus pain, stress, eye fatigue.....all good reasons for a little natural assistance to help you to relax or fall asleep. Each eye pillow: (1) 4" x 8.5" cotton eye pillow filled with SCENTED fill - Dried Organic Lavender & Flax Seed. Eye Pillows are recommended sleep aids and helps relieve headaches...feel free to place in the refrigerator for a little extra assistance. If you carry stress in your neck or shoulders...warm up a few seconds and place on the back of your neck. Give someone you love the gift of relaxation. Other color options: Discover other great products manufactured by Hunki Dori on Amazon: LOVEwraps - neck & shoulder wrapsNOTE: Please be aware of counterfeit eye pillows listed that are being sold. We are the exclusive manufacturer and seller of our products on Amazon. If you notice a seller representing our product styles as their own, please email us or Amazon to report the violation. Our products have the Peacegoods label & packaging. We use only the highest quality fabrics and fill. View our store information and Return Policy (under FAQ):

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