See-Stays Eye Glasses Strap Adjustable Retainer | Sunglasses Silicone Holders for Men and Women, Adults and Kids | Boating, Climbing, Skiing, Hiking, Running and Fishing Eyewear Safety Straps -2 Pack

For many boaters, dropping their eyewear in the water can quickly sour an otherwise perfect boating trip. Using retainers is helpful for keeping your eyewear right where you need them--on your face. It prevents your eyeglasses from swinging wild, falling off or getting scratched, especially when you are on the move. However, most eyeglass straps are often too lengthy. They can become an annoying obstruction when what they should be doing is keeping your glasses safely out of the way. See-Stays Eye Glasses Strap keeps your eyewear safe and protected from drops on your outdoor activities. Our adjustable glass straps are ideal for keeping eyewear safe from accidental drops, scratches and loss. Unlike other eyewear retainers out there that appear too bulky, ours is designed to keep a low profile. This ensures your glasses don't become a hindrance whether you're boating, on the golf range, playing tennis or kayaking. Not sure if these straps will fit with your headgear? If you wear a helmet, cap or hat most of the day, our eyeglass retainers are the perfect accessories for you. They feature an adjustable cord that does not only fix length, but also eliminates tail to keep your headgear set-up nice and neat. Can't make up your mind just yet? Here are a few more features of our strap: ✅ Nearly invisible appearance ✅ Lightweight and durable design ✅ Perfect for eyewear with traditional Y-shaped ear pieces ✅ Comfortable silicone grips Enjoy your outdoor sports without losing your eyewear ever again. Add the See-Stays Eye Glasses Strap to your cart TODAY!

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