Shayin Glasses Nose Pads Stick on Anti Slip Soft Silicone Adhesive Nosepads for Eyeglass Glasses Sunglasses(18 Pcs)

Specification:Material: High import soft silicone adhesive Size: 0.74*0.31*0.03inchColor: White Description:when worn anti-slip and comfortable,better durability and corrosion resistance, nose contact with the surface of skin can easily slide frame.Nose  mats contact with the skin surface and the frame are not easy to slide. Increased Nose higher and non-slip nose  mats Advantages:Adopt imported food grade ultra-soft silicone production, feel very soft and comfortable to wear.Selection excellent material and not easy yellowing, durability.Non-toxic environmentally friendly materials, ease to use!Matte material, the effect of non-slip  are more better! Scope of application:Applicable to all types of sheet metal optical frames, sunglasses plates, plastic frames, TR90 frames.Original nose pad position is wide,  after wearing glasses significantly fall , eyelashes hit the lens, cheek touched the frame, nose is too low and  etc, can be used  the Nose pads to pad high and anti-slip. The method: Single sided PastingApplicable to a wide part of the frame of the original nose pads. Need to adjust narrow frame, tear off stickers, directly to put a large portion affixed the nose pads to the outside, reached  to non-slip and padded nose pads functions Package includes:18 pairs of Glasses Nose Pads

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