Siccasan Intensive Dry Eye Gel with Carbomer and Dexpanthenol | Corneal Gel & Eye Lubricant | Hydrate Dry Eyes | Relief against Irritated and Sore Eyes | Comfortable on Eyes for Night Time Use

ALL IN ONE GEL-Siccasan– Dexpanthenol & Carbomer Eye Gel is suitable for the most severe symptoms of irritated and dry eyes. Siccasan is a particularly soft and smooth eye gel which distributes quickly over the corneal surface, rapidly easing the sensation of tired, dry, or burning eyes. The eyelids glide over the cornea and conjunctiva without resistance. LONG LASTING RELEIF- Siccasan provides long-lasting relief from discomfort caused by: •Environmental factors like the sun, wind, cold, smoke, air conditioning and heating. •Visual stress from computer screens, television and driving at night. •Wearing contact lenses. •Consumption of antidepressants, anxiolytics, hormones or antihistamines What makes Siccasan unique? Siccasan is an eye lubricant for dry eyes that is manufactured using high quality carbomer that is completely free of mineral oil and petroleum. •Healing properties aid quick recovery of irritated and dry eyes. •Protection for the sensitive surface of the eye. •Comfortable gel consistency suitable for day-time usage •Active tear substitute for long-term hydration.   HOW DOES SICCASAN WORKS? Unlikely most common eye drops, Siccasan improves the consistency of your natural tear fluid. The dry eye gel creates a protective cover for the surface of the eye while healing existing injuries and preventing further irritation to the eye. Simultaneously, it supports the regrowth of a healthy cornea and conjunctiva. Eventually, it supplements the body’s tear fluid so the eyelid can glide over the surface smoothly.

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