Skincare LdeL Cosmetics Retinol Eye Gel.5-Ounce Jar

A preventative approach to your eye skincare routine. Prevent and minimize the appearance of fine lines, puffiness, dark circles and crow’s feet when you use Retinol Vitamin A Eye Gel as part of your daily anti-aging skincare regimen. Micro-encapsulated beads burst when applied, giving the skin around your eyes an extra boost of age-defying Retinol. This powerful formula smooths and moisturizes for an improvement in clarity, texture and radiance, reducing the telltale signs of maturity. Soon after the discovery of Retinol’s ability to minimize common signs of aging, we were the first to formulate products featuring the anti-aging ingredient, along with other vitamins and extracts to nourish and preserve skin’s youthful texture and brightness. Our 30-year history with Retinol, and the decades we’ve spent treating women and men of all ages and skin types, makes us THE authority on this proactive ingredient. Bring home a skincare product that restores your complexion with its potent preventative and corrective powers. For fewer lines and targeted support for weary eyes, Add Vitamin A Eye Gel to your cart today. *What You Get *1 x Retinol Vitamin A Eye Gel from Skincare LdeL Cosmetics*Extra boost of Retinol Vitamin A from micro-beads*Reduced puffiness, dark circles and signs of aging around eyes Specs & Details*Net weight: 0.5 oz [14.1 g]*Contains: Vitamins A, C & E, glycerin*Performance: Fragrance-free for use on the most sensitive skin How to Enjoy *Use day and night as part of your skincare regimen*Apply in small dots around eye area with your ring finger*Smooth gently into skin until thoroughly absorbed*Recommended for ages 20 and up; follow with Retinol Facial Serum*See more radiant and younger looking skin with regular daily use

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