Spell Kit: Money

This spell kit contains everything you need to cast money and prosperity spells! This kit is specifically designed to address the following: Aid in Financial Difficulty, Find a Job, improve your current job, Help in paying bills, Help to bring you financial stability, Attract Money. Of course these are just ideas! The best spells are the ones you create yourself. Look at the ideas in this kit, and then create your very own spells - you will be amazed at the results! Kit includes: - One 5 DRAM bottle of incense - Money - One 2DRAM bottle of Fast Money oil - One 4 X 5 bag of money herbal bath (enough for about 2-3 baths, depending on how much you use per bath) with a muslin pouch - Four green spell candles, Four white spell candles and one green votive - Four small pieces of Green Aventurine (Charcoal not included)

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