Timoo Hard Contact Lens Remover, 3 pcs RGP Remover/Inserter for Hard Lens, Cyan-Blue

Timoo 3 pcs Hard Contact Lens Remover Won't Hurt Your Lenses The silicone plunger is soft and gentle for hard and RGP lenses. This is the great contact lens remover tool to compliment any set of new lenses or to extend the life of your current lenses. It can be used as the contact applicator as well. More sanitary: Comfortable and more sanitary than using fingers. This contact removal tool is easy to clean and will not carry bacteria and viruses often found on fingers and especially under fingernails. Each remover comes in its own sanitary hard-plastic vial. Through sterilization: These hard lens removers are professionally sterilized before leaving the factory, so they are more hygienic than other brands of removers. Note: Rinse with a professional contact solution before use. Product specifications: Color: Cyan-blue. Material: Silicone and plastic. Package Includes: 3 pcs RGP Remover

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