TOUCHBeauty Face Massage Roller V-shaped Lifting Device For Facial Toning & Skin Tighten Anti Ageing Device TB-1613A

TOUCHBeauty Facial Massage Roller with Advanced Technology 70 Degree V-shaped Lifting complex, Body Face Slimming Massager 70 DEGREE V-SHAPED LIFTING Its unique V-shaped rollers can massage different parts of the face, stimulating facial skin & improving blood circulation. Enhance skin texture, anti-wrinkle, helps fight fatty areas. Lighten and smooth the look of skin. PAIN-FREE AND EFFECTIVE USE The two balls on the massager can roll once you move it forward or backward, fast and efficient, strengthens the lifting effect, improves the benefits of massage, effectively lift-up and restore skin firmness. CONVENIENT SAFE USE It massage face and other parts of your body, and can achieve the effect of face slimming, face lifting, skin tightening, relaxing muscle, releasing tiredness and stimulating muscle sporting! Cleaning & Maintenance: 1.Do not immerse this product in water. Clean the product with a dry cloth or a cloth moistened with water. 2. Do not use water, alcohol, steel wool, abrasive cleaners or corrosive liquids to clean the device, doing so may result in its malfunction or discoloration

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