Two 2 Oz Glasses Cleaners with Two Microfiber Cloths for Eyeglass Cleaning and Lens Cleaning Kit – Very Easy to Use

Are You Having Trouble Keeping Your Glasses Clean? If smear tactics have befallen your eyeglasses, sunglasses or electronics, it's time for image management with Cleanix glasses cleaning spray. Our streak-free formula that quickly lifts away fingerprint smudges, dust & debris is perfect for every day use. You Must Always Keep Your Eyeglasses Clean For A Clear Vision As you wear it outside, it is very easy for the glasses to catch dirt and oils from outside. Also as you use your eyeglasses casually, they pick up fingerprints which may distort the vision. The sole purpose of cleaning your eyeglasses is to remove the residue or dirt without affecting the lenses. When you buy your eyeglasses you must ask about the ways to take care of them. If you don't take proper care of your glasses then they will not provide you a clear vision thereby increasing the eyestrain. Perfect Solution For Your Vision And Multiple Uses - Glasses cleaner; - Laptop cleaner; - Sunglass cleaner; - Tablet cleaner; - Screen cleaner; - And many more... Every glasses cleaner kit comes with two 2 oz glasses cleaners and two high quality microfiber cloths. It's all packed in two separate snap pouches what you can easily carry around where ever you go. Leave one at home and take another one to work so your glasses are clean all the time. Please bear in mind that actual colour of the cloth may vary slightly from the actual product. Our product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Providing you quality product and a happy memory! We care about you, so you can click Add To Cart with Confidence.

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