Ultra Clarity Eyeglass Cleaning 6 oz Spray Bottle, 3 Pack

For more than 25 years, Nanofilm has been providing innovative solutions to protect, enhance, and care for high-performance optical surfaces. Your vision and readability are everything and keeping them clear is of the utmost importance. Through the specialty cleaners, anti-fog surface treatments, and nanotechnology coatings, Nanofilm will ensure you see clearly every day. The nanotechnology-powered Clarity solutions are designed to clean safely and effectively. Glasses and smart devices are expensive, so safe solutions were created in order to protect them and keep them like new. From sprays and towelettes to cleaning kits, what you need to look at and through will remain bright and clear. Ultra Clarity lens and screen spray is great for cleaning on the go, at work, or at home. The formula is pH neutral, silicone- and fluorine-free safe cleaning on the surfaces you need it to. The spray bottle's compact size means that you can easily carry it with you or have them close by whenever you need them. This comes with a 6oz refillable bottle so you can ensure your spray bottle is topped off and you’re not left with dirty optics.

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