Visual Perception:  A Clinical Orientation, Fifth Edition (Optometry)

The cornerstone text on visual science – now more clinically relevant than ever SELF-ASSESSMENT QUIZ IN EACH CHAPTERThrough five acclaimed editions, this trusted text has bridged the gap between basic visual science and clinical application. The Fifth Edition continues this mission with a more streamlined presentation and an even greater focus on clinical relevancy. Wide in scope, the book covers every clinically important aspect of visual science, including color vision and its defects, spatial vision, temporal aspects of vision, psychophysics, physiology, and development and maturation of the visual system.This edition has been dramatically enhanced, with all figures in beautiful full color and the addition of new clinical images (including color vision tests and fundus photographs).  All chapters have been thoroughly revised to reflect the latest advances in basic science, while increasing their clinical orientation.  You will also find self-assessment questions at the end of every chapter and current references from leaders in each subfield.The information presented in Visual Perception, Fifth Edition cannot be found in any other single volume. The book’s unique linkage of basic science and clinical application makes it of value to optometric and ophthalmologic students, faculty, and researchers. If you require a comprehensive text on visual science that imparts fundamental concepts in an engaging and interesting style, your search ends here. 

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