Pocket Eyeglasses Cleaner Spray kit + Microfiber Cloth, 0.70 Fluid Ounces Each (10 Pack)

100% biodegradable, our pocket-size eyeglass spray quickly cleans all kinds of lenses. Set includes 10 bottles - plus 10 free microfiber cloth. Made in Spain (not China, like other sprays).Convenient cleansing eyeglasses spray, each perfectly sized to fit in your pocket, purse, or glasses case. So, you'll always have your cleaner on hand when & where you need it. Plus, you can keep your free microfiber wipe (included) with you 24/7: Simply stow it in your bottle's vented cap.Each Long-Lasting Bottle Provides: Up to 500 sprays, micro-diffused to evenly cover your lenses Potent de-greasing formula, specially made to remove spots & smearsSafe for All Glasses Forget those harsh eyeglass cleaners, which can harm lenses & break down coatings. Your new eyeglass cleaning spray is 100% free of all alcohol, ammonia & other damaging solvents... so you can use it with confidence for: Polycarbonate lenses Coated lenses - UV-resistant, anti-glare, anti-scratch, etc. Sunglasses Reading glasses & moreThis versatile spray can even clean digital screens - phone, tablet, laptop, camera, etc.Add to Cart Now to Keep Lenses Sparkling-Clean

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