Wake Skincare Eye Gel – Hydrating Eye Serum for Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles, Eye Bags, Crows Feet and Wrinkles – Vitamin E – Collagen – 30ml Anti Ageing Eye Cream (1 Pack)

YOU SPOKE WE LISTENED. Due to overwhelming popular demand, Wake Eye Gel has been reformulated to provide you with a thicker consistency gel. The gel will still sink into your skin with the same efficacy. This now produces a thicker product, that is more easily applied onto your skin. Long nights and early starts leaving you with tired looking eyes? Are you looking for your eyes to look and feel fresh and hydrated? The Wake Eye Gel packs a real punch to help get those peepers looking bright. Hydrolysed Collagen is one of our key ingredients which helps diminish wrinkles and reduces inflammation around your eyes. You can count on this little miracle to perk you up, and bring out the best in your eyes! Why Wake Eye Gel? Formulated to be cooling and refreshing Hydrolysed Collagen keeps skin resilient helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles Rich in powerful antioxidants that help to protect your skin's vitality Fragrance-free for the delicate eye area Beautifully lightweight and easy to apply For every Wake sold, a donation is made to Women's Aid What to expect With regular and continued use, expect to see an improvement in the appearance and condition of the area surrounding your eyes. Reduction in wrinkles, fine lines, plumper smoother skin and reduced signs of tired eyes. Click "Add to Cart" and experience the best in natural luxury today! How to use: Pump the gel out of the bottle and rub it between your fingers; Apply the gel onto the skin below your eyes; Massage the gel until you have an even covering around your eyes; Leave the gel to sink into the skin;

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