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Eyelash Extensions EnhanceThe Length and Fullness of Natural Lashes Eye Pads can be used to tape down the lower lashes before applying eyelash extensions. The shape of the gel pad contours perfectly to your clients eye and provides a more soothing and relaxing experience than using just tape alone. Eyelash Extension Eye Pads Perfect to cover and protect the lower lashes during the eyelash extension treatment. Fit for all different eye shapes and size. ●Thoroughly clean and dry your face ●open the bag and remove the patch from plastic liner ●remove the protective film,remove the patch slowly from the edges ●apply the patch under eyes during eyelash extension application ●when daily use apply the patch under the eye ●gently press the eye patch for 10 seconds and then wear it for 15-30 minutes ●remove the eye mask and clean with water Specifications: Size: 7.9(L)*2.9(W) cm Material: Hydrogels Glycerin Color: White Package Including: 100 Pairs Under Eye Pads within a transparent cosmetic bag. Each pair is individually packaged in one foil bag. Key words:gel eye pads eye pads eye gel pads eyelash extension supplies lash extension supplies lash eye pads eyelash extension eye gel pad hydrogel eye pads eyelash technician supplies eyepads for lash extensions pad eye lash hydrogel eye patch parches de gel eye pads for lash extensions gel pads for eyelash extensions lash extension pads eyelash gel pads eyelash extension gel pads eyelash extension pads eye pads eyelash extensions eyelash pads for under eye under eye gel pads adecco eye pad under eye gel pads for eyelash extensions eyelash extension under eye pads under eye pads eyelash extension eye pads eyelash pads lash extension gel pads lash extension eye gel patches stacy lash pads

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