Awake Maximum Caffeine Eye Serum For Eye Bags Puffy Eyes Dark Circles With Eyeseryl® Tetrapeptide 10% & Antioxidants Quickly Banish Undereye Puffiness Dark Circles & Wrinkles

The maximum amount of Organic Caffeine in AWAKE works fast to drain excess fluid from under eye tissue for a instant result. Eyeseryl® is a tetrapeptide with anti-edema properties proven in reducing puffy eye bags, wrinkles, dark circles and fine lines in as little as 14 days. Dramatically improving the visible signs of accelerated aging along the upper and lower eye lids to deliver a youthful, more wide-eyed appearance. Additional benefits include dramatic tightness and firmness of delicate eye tissue, a smoothing of creases and minimized redness. The lightweight, fast absorbing, non oily texture of Awake Max Caff Eye Serum makes it an ideal treatment for all skin types. For makeup wears, Awake contains primer-like benefits to enhance smoother application. Japanese Green Tea Extract & Vitamins B3 and K provides the Antioxidants your eyes need to look their best. Alpha Bisabolol extract made from German Chamomile Flowers providing soothing, anti-inflammatory relief. Awake is made in the U.S.A. from quality ingredients. New Large 1 ounce size last a long time making this serum a great value. AWAKE, a double shot for your eyes. #beauty

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