Candi Andi Handmade Eye Pillow | Stress, Anxiety, Migraine Relief, Sleep Aid, Aromatherapy | Hot/Cold | Flax Seed Filled | Lavender Scented | Satin Brocade & Crushed Velvet | Fuchsia Garden – TEPL-FG

WHY CHOOSE A CANDI ANDI EYE PILLOW:QUALITY: Each CandiAndi product is handcrafted in our cozy upstate New York studio from the finest available products. Every Eye Pillow is handcrafted using the highest quality fabrics and then hand filled with all-natural Flax seeds and optional all-natural lavender blossoms. "I believe that when something is handmade and there is passion, energy and attention paid to each piece, you get originality and quality you can't find in mass-produced products." - Andrea (Candi Andi Creator and 5th Generation Seamstress)PRIDE: We know there are a lot of Eye Pillows on market and there are many cheaper priced versions as well, but when you purchase from Candi Andi you're supporting a woman and veteran owned American handcraft small business.We hire stay-at-home and single moms to assist us with our hand-crafted production. Best of all: We are proud to provide you with that rare opportunity to purchase something that isn't made overseas LOVE: We ♥ to make Eye Pillows! Candi Andi has been handcrafting home spa products and decorative home décor pillows for over 20 years and we put our love into every item we createGRATITUDE: We are THANKFUL for each customer and humbled by every order we receive. We hope you'll be the next customer to join our familyOUR OTHER PRODUCTS: Visit our store at and shop our complete line of handmade creations - Sleep Eye Masks, Eye Pillows, Neck Pillows, Heating Pads, Keyboard and Mouse Wrist Rest Pads, Yoga/Zafu Floor Cushions, stunning line of Heart, Star, Tree home décor throw pillows. All products handmade in the U.S.A.⚠ SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS : Always consult your doctor and/or optometrist before using any home remedyDon't heat Eye Pillow in ovenMicrowave (heat) at 15second intervals until desired temperature is achievedAlways touch test temperature before useDon't immerse in water

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