Crystal OR Black & Silver beaded Eyeglass Holder 28″ on 19 strand wire, Eyeglass chain, leash (Crystal)

At Hidden Hollow Beads, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful, affordable, durable Eye glass holders for anyone needing a convenient and attractive way to keep track of their glasses. With great customer service, we are committed to making sure that your purchasing experience is always a positive one. We appreciate your feedback and are constantly working to improve our product. Should you encounter any issues with your beaded lanyard, please contact us first and let us make it right. We love what we do and we want to make sure you love it, too. Our strong, 34" lanyards are individually crafted by real people, right here in the USA, using only the finest quality materials. The 19 strand wire is double crimped at each union, ensuring that whatever you choose to carry on your lanyard will remain securely in place, no matter what your day might bring. If your work takes you to an area where security is of concern, the breakaway lanyard will provide you with peace of mind, knowing that it will break away easily, should your lanyard be grabbed by someone or snagged on an object, leaving you free to do what you need to do. Tag: lanyard, women's lanyard, lanyard for women, lanyard for nurses, lanyard for teachers, lanyard for keys, badge holder, fashion lanyard, beaded lanyard, chunky lanyard, light weight lanyard, lightweight lanyard, eyeglass holders, eye glasses holder

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