eb5 Daily Repair Eye Treatment, Anti-Aging, Reduces Dark Circles and Puffiness, Vitamin E, 0.5oz

Get an eye for beauty with this proven, potent, peeper-prettifying anti-aging eye cream that boasts a bevy of beauty benefits. A fortifying, beautifying blend of botanicals, plant-based plumping peptides derived from soy and rice, plus powerful, protective antioxidants comprise this creamy concoction for lighter, brighter, beautiful, more youthful eyes. Patented REGU-AGE PF revitalizes and recharges skin-supporting collagen and elastin for a fabulously firmer, lifted, “wide-awake” appearance. Powerful, potent antioxidant vitamin E surges skin with deep, long-lasting hydration, while perfecting and protecting against harmful, aging free-radicals. Stevia plant-derived Stevioside sends excess baggage under eyes packing, while lightening, brightening, and tightening entire eye area. Skin-perfecting plant-based peptides from soy and rice provide “plumping,” preserving, and protecting power to skin on a regenerative, cellular level. This unique, cutting-edge dream eye cream is The Fountain of Youth at your fingertips. Enjoy wink-worthy benefits in the blink of an eye. Created by renowned pharmacist Robert Heldfond Sr. in the 1950s as an odorless, grease-free answer to safely and efficiently allow the deep penetration of topical medications into the skin of badly-burned patients, eb5 Skincare and its entire line of plant-based, skin-perfecting essentials was born. It was the nurses who were administering the astounding medicinal cream to their patients daily who were most taken by the transformation of their own skin, and asked Heldfond to concoct a non-medicinal version that can be used every day.

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