EGOOL Eye Patches for Boys, Treatment of Lazy Eye (Amblyopia), 5 Cute Colorful Patterns, 50 Pack Individually Wrapped, Regular Size for Boys

"He feels more confident now when wearing Egool eye patch"Tim's mum says. Three weeks ago, Tim tried many times to put blocks in the holes, but he couldn't do accurately in the match. The doctor said one of Tim' eyes had amblyopia problem. Tim was so upset and doesn't want to play games with his friends. Luckily, Uncle Mike recommends Egool eye patch to them. Tim was attracted immediately by the cool and cute patterns of the patches . "The Spider-Man is his favorite pattern", his mom says,"and look how cool he is now!" PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONEgool kids eye patches have been successfully used for treating lazy eye, amblyopia,cross-eye and other eye conditions for years. The patch sticks to the eye area tightly so there is no way for your kids to peek and see. Egool eye patches for kids come with cute patterns which will let your kid love to patch.PRODUCT FEATURES★ Cute cartoon themes to make a fun patching. ★ Gentle on skin through Latex Free hypoallergenic adhesive and breathable non-woven cotton material.★ Strengthen the muscle of the weak eye and increase focus. ★ Individually wrapped in a box for hygienic and convenient use.★ Size 3.35in×2.36in (86mm×60mm), fits over the eye perfectly. Package includes:50 eye patches per box

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