If your eyes get tired during the work required several times a day should be stopped work and do exercises for eyes, and we are trained not only muscles, but the whole body.

  1. Blink often lashes. The monitor does not blink your eyes often, and that damage to our vision.
  2. Hold your head upright and look straight ahead. Slowly lift your gaze to the ceiling, hold for a few seconds, then slowly move it to the floor, and hold it. The head must remain stationary.
  3. The head is upright. Look left, then slowly move your eyes right. The head is fixed – work only with eyes. During the activity observe the condition of the muscles of the eyeball – they should not overstretch.
  4. Looks ahead and mentally imagine a horizontal figure eight with a maximum size and smooth describe it with his eyes. Repeat the exercise several times in one direction and then the other. Then start to blink more often.
  5. Imagine a large dial with gold color. Scientists believe that this particular color helps to restore the eye. Make circular movements with the eyeball, aiming to keep the head still.
  6. Take a pencil in his right hand and stretch, and raise the pencil at eye level. Watch the tip of a pencil and slowly move your hand left and right, and follow objects with eyes.
  7. Go to the window and look in the distance, then the tip of his nose. This transition trained eye muscle. Repeat the exercise several times.
  8. Close your eyes and try to describe them imaginary circle, then a horizontal loop, and then cross.
  9. Several times strongly narrowed eyes, then closed them and tarry as 20-30 seconds.
  10. Our ears are a huge number of points by which to influence one or another authority. In this way stimulating lobe directly influence the vision.