Known as windows to the human soul, the eyes are usually the first thing people notice in you. Shining eyes are a sign of good health. The most effective way to keep that sparkle to give rest to your eyes with enough sleep and do not strain with low light or prolonged computer work.

  1. Habit to start the day by washing your eyes with cold water, so they are thoroughly cleaned and stimulated.
  2. Avoid using eye drops too often, it is better to squeeze the juice of cucumber and pouring into the eyes.
  3. Do not read in dim light, the light must come from the front or from above.
  4. Do not read more than two hours. Give your eyes a break by putting the palms of his hands on them and obscure the light.
  5. Do not rub or stretch the skin under your eyes – it is very delicate and fragile.
  6. Use the least amount of eye creams and be careful not to penetrate cream in your eyes. If you enter, wash immediately with water.
  7. Your food should contain enough amounts of vitamin A (such as corn, celery, oily fish, egg yolk and liver). If your eyes itch, watering or very red, you probably have a deficiency of vitamin B2, which is contained in the liver, whole grain wheat, yeast.
  8. Always clean your makeup well before bedtime because it can cause infection in the roots of the lashes.
  9. Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day.
  10. Sleep at least 7 hours a day.