Ice Pack Gel Eye Mask for Puffy or Swollen Eyes, Migraine, Relaxation, Reusable Soothing Cooling Mask with Elastic Band and Super Soft Plush for Hot Cold Therapies and Eye Treatment

There are times when your eyes are tired and puffy after long hours at the computer every day or work rotating 12 hr shifts, and sometimes eyes appear little swollen accompanied by a slight head ache due to a little sleep or cosmetic procedures. Not to worry, we got a much better solution to eliminate your concerns always. Either chill the eye pack in refrigerator for cold therapy or pop it in microwave for penetrating heat, the gel mask can give you a quick facial refresh and migraines relief. It also Freezes quickly for reuse next time, the eye compress can not only be a mask that make your eyes feel relaxed and refreshed, also it can be a blindfold which you wear it during a nap, the adjustable Velcro band allows for it to fit snugly to your face and stays cooler longer then a regular washcloth. The eye mask holds its therapeutic temperature for 20 minutes to sooth your eyes and the skin around it, great for headaches, fever, reducing puffiness and stress. Why choose newgo eye mask? ✓Innovative:Gel beads can distribute the coolness evenly to achieve therapeutic benefits. Eye masks are integrated latex-free PVC with super soft fabric, PVC side help you to obtain a much cool feeling, and the fabric side can be helpful on bare skin. ✓Versatile:Can be used on eye,face,forehead for relief and therapy from dry, irritated or puffy eyes, dark circles, tension, bruising and muscle pain,sinus discomfort, migraine, allergy irritations and other eye issue ✓Durable: Gel pouch is made of medical grade plastic( CE Certified & FDA Approved ) with fabric backing, 100% pressure testing, no break, no leakage ✓Certification: FDA, CE, CPSIA, CA65,ISO13485

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