Jade Roller – Necessary for Every Woman, Beauty Jade Facial Skin Roller – Anti Face Eyes Neck Body Winkles -100% Natural Jade Stone (Light Green)

Amazing 3 Effects Skills!!! 1. About the use time & effect a. After continuous use for 3 weeks, the skin will be improved obviously, such as rough skin and black eyes. b. After 6-9 weeks, it can improve face winkles apperently, Remove puffiness, and make skin firm and elastic. c. 2-3 months Later, the 20%-35% face/neck wrinkles will improve obviouly and the skin will be shiny d. Keep using for 1-2 years. Face/Neck winkles disappear and the face is lift greatly. e. Always use, always beautiful, beautiful life. 2. The key to Achieving 3 Effects a. After mask,which use jade roller and effect is better b. Use it before bed at night. After face filled up with cream or essence, and massage the face with jade roller for 15-20 minutes, which can make the essence absorbed better. After finishing, wash face and fall asleep, Stay up less for girls, and skin problems will be reduced by 50%. c. massage during breaks Spare time, remember use, chase the chance to make ourselves beautiful, small and easy to carry products, anytime and anywhere can be used. Benefits 1.Remove puffiness 2.Soothing your skin to remove acne 3.Reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes 4.Tighten your skin, and improve facial elasticity 5.Helps serums, oils and creams penetrate the skin better 6.Stimulate collagen production Packing Including: Carry Box+ Jade Roller

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