YOUTHLAB Radiance Roller – Germanium Stone Uplifting Face/Eye/Body Massager Beauty Roller/Tool for Skin Tightening/Firming, De-Puffing, Anti-Aging and Tension Relief (Purple, Rose Gold and Black)

Discover the luxurious facial massage tool that has become one of Japan's hottest anti-aging techniques and is taking Hollywood by storm! YOUTHLAB's Radiance Roller is embedded with 30 massage stones containing germanium powder. When rhythmically rolled over the skin, underlying facial muscles are smoothed and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced. Increased circulation revitalizes the skin, reducing puffiness and improving elasticity. In addition, germanium infused stones have a semiconductor quality that help balance the body's bio-electric current, which is frequently thrown off from daily exposure to mobile phones, electronic equipment and ultra-violet rays. This innovative massage technique mimics professional grade facial massage and results in uplifted, youthful and radiant skin!DURABLE and PORTABLE: Constructed of aluminum alloy, Radiance Roller is durable, yet lightweight. It comes with a sleek velvet sleeve, making it easy to take anywhere, while keeping it nicely protected. Radiance Roller is a game changer for skincare enthusiasts and makes a GREAT GIFT!If you have any questions or concerns about your Radiance Roller, please contact our Amazon Seller account and we will be more than happy to assist you. We will REPLACE your roller or REFUND YOU if you are unhappy in any way!

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