Lycopene Skin Care – Under Eye Complex to Reduce Puffiness, Dark Circles & Bags Under the Eyes While Improving Skin Tone

Lycopene SOC Under-Eye Complex is a highly effective under-eye formula that combines the benefits of seaweed extract developed in Switzerland, hyaluronic acid, and the antioxidant Micro-Dispersed Aquose Lycopene to markedly reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Seaweed is a powerful ingredient that has an extraordinary wealth of mineral elements from the sea. These include sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, chlorine, sulfur and phosphorus; the micronutrients include iodine, iron, zinc, copper, selenium, molybdenum, fluoride, manganese, boron, nickel and cobalt. In addition, seaweed extract is rich in compounds such as polygalactosides, fucose polymers and ursolic acid. Polygalactosides that react with the protective outer surface of the skin to form a protective moisturizing complex, while the fucose polymers are hygroscopic and act as hydrating agents. The ursolic acid can help form a protective barrier on the skin. When complexed with hyaluronic acid and natural pure Micro-Dispersed Lycopene, SOC Under-Eye Complex will make your eyes look younger and more rested. Convenient syringe-style packaging for easy dispensing.

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