MesoLyft Eyes

MesoLyft eye renewal respects the delicate tissue around your eyes, often the first place to show signs of aging, by restoring its youthful texture and beauty. Ingredients – 1. Argireline: A wrinkle-relaxing peptide that works instantly with a Botox-like effect. 2. VoluPlus: With an active ingredient derived from nutmeg, this patented formula works to plump cells for smoother skin. 3. Retinol and vitamin C: A dynamic duo that stimulates new collagen production for long-lasting improvement in skin texture. 4. Ginkgo biloba extract: Taken from one of the oldest tree species, this Chinese extract offers a soothing, anti-inflammatory touch and protects against free radicals. Usage: Fine lines around the eyes appear to decrease instantly, while continued use improves skin texture on a more lasting level.

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