Nature’s Prime Instant Wrinkle Reducer 0.5 oz

Our Instant Wrinkle Reducer renews the skin to firm and lift, helping retain skinâ€TMs youthful surface contours. The non-irritating, but powerful formula will visibly turn back the clock for an instantly more youthful appearance. Fine lines and wrinkles fade from view and crow's feet are eliminated immediately. Instant Effect also dramatically improves puffiness and under-eye bags. Details: Instantly fades fine lines and wrinklesin a matter of minutes, taking your face back in time by 10 years! Improves puffiness and under-eye bags Expect results within 90 seconds Effects are dramatic and may last up to 8 hours Made in USA, with FDA Approved GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice, Highest Quality Standard for Manufacturing Supplements). Professionally formulated and Manufactured in U.S.A in GMP Certified facility

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