SEAMANTIKA – Puffy Eye Treatment – Get an instant youth boost. 25 ml e 0.8 fl. oz. – Quickly diminish under-eye puffiness. Long lasting effect – up to 8 hours of fresh looking eyes

Have you ever woken up in the morning only to notice how dark and puffy your eyes are? Maybe it's the lack of sleep because your baby kept you up late into the night, maybe you were out late after work, or maybe it's just the natural process of aging. Either way you need a reliable product that will restore your skin's glow and conceal those dark bags. The Puffy Eye Treatment cream contains essential ingredients to IMMEDIATELY make your skin look bright and youthful - you will witness the RESULTS WITHIN 5-7 MINUTES! The gel will firm your sensitive under eye skin while brightening and lightening dark circles to conceal signs of stress and aging. The unique complex: ♥ Boosts your skin's natural collagen production to help prevent wrinkles and fine lines ♥ Gives your skin the cellular nutrients it needs to restore and repair itself daily ♥ Contains no harsh chemical fillers, only proteins, healthy amino acids, minerals and vitamins ♥ Made with selected botanicals that have been clinically tested You'll instantly notice brighter, lighter, younger looking skin after using this light cream. Use the treatment daily as an under make up primer that also reduces puffiness and firms tired eyes. You'll look refreshed and wide awake even if you didn't get a full night's sleep. Apply at night to restore and repair your skin to prevent wrinkles and fine lines. Let the gel treatment work while you get your rest.

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