• Baby eyes wander, it can not fix it.
  • Do not follow with my eyes.
  • Does not conform to smile and do not recognize their relatives.
  • When walking, the child often falls, hits in the furniture around.
  • Do not encroach on the subject confidently. Squint remained, instead of dying.
  • It often rub their eyes, these tears, but he does not sleep, nor sore.
  • When you want to look good something approaching it, and turning her head in a comfortable position. Consultation with children’s eye doctor will confirm your anxiety or reject it. The earlier you pay attention to your child’s vision, the results of correction of any deviation from the norm will be more effective. Do not wait for child to start school and then … Keep your eyes on the child from harm.
  • Do not give toys with sharp edges and protruding parts of them, coming to hold them when he runs!
  • Do not allow children to live in a smoky room, because the infection inflames the smoke and irritate the delicate conjunctiva, and know that very young children are passive smokers (having to live adult smokers). It has been shown that nicotine constricts blood vessels of many important organs, including the eyes. This interferes with their good blood supply, but there is danger and directly damage the optic nerves.
  • Do not expose the child to strong sunlight without protective measures.
  • Do not allow him to sit long before the TV screen, without rest and extra lighting. It strains the eyes a lot and has a negative impact on children’s psyche.
  • Use caution with toxic chemicals in everyday life.
  • Do not allow uncontrolled games called. Pirate – the incident occurred long weighs parental conscience. Keep your eye on your child!